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I am Ifeanyi Michael Korie and I am a DreamChaser located in the beautiful city of Miami, Florida. I realize that Dreamchasers,Small Businesses Owners and Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the economy, and the foundation of creativity and production. Small Business Owners, Dreamchasers and Entrepreneurs pour their heart and life into their passions, and in this ever changing society they still sometimes can’t keep up. My objective is to Encourage, Inspire and Advise them. Feel Free to go through my site and ask me any questions you would like.

Remain Blessed and LIVE YOUR DREAMS!!!!!


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Hey my name is Ifeanyi Korie and this is my personal journey to an EXTREMELY positive mindset and a job-free lifestyle. I hope that my story encourages you to live out your dreams and step into your greatness. I currently live in Miami, Florida and have been free from employment since August 2013, but my journey begins in Tallahassee, Florida about two years ago. I was about to graduate from College and I was thinking about what to do for my career. I knew many people at my college that were getting jobs working 50- 80hours a week, finding no work at all, getting low entry level jobs or taking out massive loans to go to grad school. Then to make it worse some students that graduated 1-2 years before me came were coming back because they got fired or their company downsized, or couldn’t get a job in their field. I looked at their life and knew I didn’t want that for myself. I knew I didn’t want a boss telling me when to come in, I didn’t want days of my life blocked out because of work. I knew I didn’t want to be slave to a system that was crumbling and couldn’t guarantee me stable employment. I wanted more freedom, (Freedom to me meant: Time plus Money). I wanted to live a life of fulfillment, which would allow me to accomplish my dreams and aspirations. I started looking at experts of financial freedom, who had reach levels that other people haven’t reached financially. First I looked at the richest man alive, Bill Gates,had to say about this topic and he said 


That was strange to me because I wasn’t too familiar with the network marketing  industry and I had heard some people saw that it was a scam. I decided to do my research and  check out other financial experts to see their take on the industry.

After seeing their advice I decided that this industry was what I needed in my life in order to have the freedom to beself employed and do what I wanted/needed to do. Plus the said it was easy for anyone that can follow instructions to do, which made me excited, I like easy…lol. After being done with college I worked the two jobs, one as a delivery driver and the other as a dish/prep in a restaurant. I was in one networking marketing company but didn’t know what I was doing and had little support system. Then I remembered what many of the financial experts said “Join a network marketing company committed to personal development if you want to become self employed eventually” Than November 2012, I joined another Network Marketing Company that was committed to personal development and had a great support system. 


Also I joined them because they were brought out by Mid-Ocean Partner, a Billion dollar equity firm that runs Sara Lee, L.A. Fitness, Saborros and many other companies. They brought them out for 650million and said it was the most underdeveloped company they have ever seen. They also already service 3 million + people and businesses through out North America and that was enough to convince me.


Now I see the value of being in a company that is dedicated to personal development, my mindset has changed incredible and I LOVE IT!!! I didn’t know that I could feel this good about life. I mean I used to be so negative about life that I thought about committing suicide. Life just hit me hard and I allowed it to mess with me for years since I was seven. I used to think that I was cursed because life had dealt me soo many bad cards, but through persona development I am much better. I am soo much stronger than I thought; I can do so much more than I thought. I realized this only because I development my mind, through personal development, and the support my company gave me was phenomenal. The support felt like my family, they embraced me so much and showed me a lot of Love. Personal Development has allowed me to see that I had more control over my life and emotions than I thought.Through this company and my commitment to Personal Development I have been able to be job free since August 2013. I am very pleased with the Person I have become and am offering this same opportunity to other. I love to see people succeed and reach heights that they only could dream of. It is my belief that if you have a dream it was given to you because IT POSSIBLE. Let’s make your dream POSSIBLE, you deserve it.


This industry can be hard if you do not know what you are doing, so to people that join my team I can guarantee them this:

  1.  Your own personal website to make money and show videos.
  2.  FREE Online training videos
  3.  Bi-Weekly Training calls, with advice from Millionaires within the company and time for Q&A.
  4.  Secrets on how I use craigslist to make money and avoid all flagging.
  5.  2 auto responder systems. Makes it easy to show and approach people make it easy to approach people, get their contact information, and follow up.. Taking the pressure off of you because you don’t need to present the information. The system does all that for you and follows up.
  6.  A CRM system that makes it easy to keep in touch with contact, no more losing contacts or forgetting when to follow up.
  7.  Associate Benefits Plan: Access to discounts and resources(example: 15%+ off at&t, sprint and tmobile, cheaper car rentals, and many more benefits)
  8.  Company has Managers and CRMs in place in most cities to help you out and support you, with weekly training and open office hours. (Ask me to see where they have one near you).
  9. Facebook support groups
  10. .The Connection Online Magazine: Enjoy the tips, education, recognition, and more that the Connection Online brings to your fingertips!
  11. Secrets on attraction marketing for social media, without being annoying to your friends.
  12.  And of course you got daily encouragement from my blog to help you along the way.

*You have to join my team before getting the tools and training listed above. These tools and training will dramatically increase your rate of success in the industry.

So if you want to dme self employed, look at the instructions below to get started.

*If you want more information before joining email me at: Ifeanyi1.Korie@yahoo.com  


STEP 1. SIGN UP as an associate and get a membership.

STEP 2. Put in a VALID EMAIL and/or PHONE NUMBER so I can contact you.

STEP 3 . Once you are done. Expect an email which will have the training, tools and more information in it.

STEP 4. Add me here -> ADD ON FACEBOOK and let me know where you found me!

STEP 5. Take a visit to my original blog -> www.IfeanyiKorie.com

STEP 6. Share the love and comment below if you are interested or have any questions.

I know you can do this, I did this and there is nothing special about me, I didn’t even graduate with honors from High School or College.I don’t come from a well off family either, Raised by a single Mom of five kids, I just knew that success leaves clues and I just decided followed those clues.

If you have any questions to ask me feel free to inbox me or leave a comment below.

If you have any comments, concerns, rebuttals or criticism be sure to comment below, I love to engage and take constructive criticism.