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I am Ifeanyi Michael Korie and I am a DreamChaser located in the beautiful city of Miami, Florida. I realize that Dreamchasers,Small Businesses Owners and Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the economy, and the foundation of creativity and production. Small Business Owners, Dreamchasers and Entrepreneurs pour their heart and life into their passions, and in this ever changing society they still sometimes can’t keep up. My objective is to Encourage, Inspire and Advise them. Feel Free to go through my site and ask me any questions you would like.

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Get your daily dose of encouragement!!

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi, so I met this girl and we've been hanging out a lot. At first, I didn't think much of her, she was just a really cool girl to me. But recently we've been getting closer and closer, always flirting. But a few days ago she told me she has a boyfriend, and at that moment I realized how much I like her. Whenever I'm with her I feel so good about everything. I'm a freshman in college and I know I have lots of time to find someone else special, but I just can't let go of this girl. What do I do??
remainblessed remainblessed Said:


Hey, whats up man. Sorry to hear that you are falling for a girl that already has a boyfriend, I know it must be hard. I know that you mentioned that you guys have been flirting and flirting for a while, but than you recently found out that she has a boyfriend. That is a huge red flag and sign that you should not pursue her. She doesn’t take relationships serious and she will break your heart. I mean she already breaking your heart right now, flirting with you when she is with someone else. I know you might be thinking “her boyfriend probably doesn’t treat her right”, but if that is the case she should let him go. If she doesn’t Love herself enough to let him go, than she will never be able to give you the Love you deserve. People can only give out the Love they are willing to receive from themselves.

I suggest you let her go. Stop spending time with her(this is gonna be incredible hard, I know) is the 1st step and you can let her know why too. Love is precious don’t waste time trying to build it with the wrong person.Than you gotta learn to catch and stop yourself when you start to think about her. Practice makes perfect so do not feel mad when you fail the first few times, just keep trying. These steps should help  you  move on, trust me it is for the better. You deserve better, you deserve LOVE. Stay blessed!! 

Get your daily dose of encouragement!!!!!

Mexican food by the pier. Life is beautiful #keys #lifeisgood #steak (at Florida Keys)

Get your daily dose of encouragement!!!!!

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