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I am Ifeanyi Michael Korie and I am a DreamChaser located in the beautiful city of Miami, Florida. I realize that Dreamchasers,Small Businesses Owners and Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the economy, and the foundation of creativity and production. Small Business Owners, Dreamchasers and Entrepreneurs pour their heart and life into their passions, and in this ever changing society they still sometimes can’t keep up. My objective is to Encourage, Inspire and Advise them. Feel Free to go through my site and ask me any questions you would like.

Remain Blessed and LIVE YOUR DREAMS!!!!!


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You have time to live your DREAM!!!

Get your daily dose of encouragement!!!!

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When business or life gets hard, keep your head up.

Get your daily dose of encouragement!!!!!

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Very simple to living the life you want. 

Get your daily dose of encouragement!

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Asker smillalu Asks:
I think you're very smart :)
remainblessed remainblessed Said:

aww…thank you that really means a lot to me.  Stay Blessed my sister

Asker Anonymous Asks:
My love triangle began with the Nerdy Boy and the cool Guitar Guy. I was friends with NB first, but had a crush on GG. GG finally plucked up the courage to ask me out and after a short two weeks I was disappointed with the awkward silences that seemed to be Us. I suggested we wait until we were better friends first and after about a month NB and I began dating. We've been together ~10 months but recently I've been thinking a lot about GG and felt > friendship and <❤️ for NB. What's wrong w/ me??
remainblessed remainblessed Said:


Thanks for Reaching out to me. There is nothing wrong with you. You just need to get your prioritize right. A lot of people get into relationships with no goal in mind. Are you in a relationship to have fun, to not be alone, because of peer pressure, because you like the attention or because you want to build something that last forever. When you ask this question to yourself, please be very honest. Lying to others is hurtful, but lying to yourself is detrimental on a whole other level.

Once you answer this question, what you should do will be much clearer. Life is a lot more simpler when we make things less complex than they need to be. Clarify your end goal with the relationship and I promise you the answer will be sooo clear. Stay blessed forever my sister. 

Random Note: I like the way you describe them..lol

Get your daily dose of encouragement!!!!